What does mold look like?

Even if you have dehumidifier(s) running in the house, if the room temperature is much lower while outside is hot and humid, condensation occurs behind the wall and mold starts growing inside the wall, floor and/or ceiling.

The key is to not cool down the room too low for a long time, and also important to circulate the air as much as possible. Have you had an experience of getting your shoes moldy in the shoes box in the foyer? (I have..) It is because the door is closed all the time and moisture gets stuck inside the cabinet. Same thing happens in the closet and bedrooms. Air circulation is very important.

Below, these are some pictures of mold. They start small and start spreading all over. It cannot be stopped until you replace the molded surface.

If you notice a mold spot, please report to us with a picture. If you wait until you move out, the repair cost will be high. It is better to fix it when it’s still small.


I recommend turning off AC units when you are not in the room. Some people think you must leave all of them ON all the time, but they don’t have to be ON all the time.

Let’s keep the house mold free!


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