Move out

Move-out Process

If you have received PCS orders or decided to move, please review the following steps.

1 Advice Robinson Housing a minimum of 30 days prior to moving out. It’s okay if you are not sure of exactly what day you will be moving out.

  ┗  Office phone number: 098-983-7177

     Email address:

2 Schedule move out inspection (damage check) – at least 7 days prior to your flight date. The day of move out inspection will be the last day of your rent. The house/apartment must be completely empty, so please schedule the DMO/TMO date before your move out date.

3 Cancel your Internet and GI Bill Pay services (if you are using their service) at least a week prior to your move out date.

  ┗ GI Bill Pay Service phone number 098-936-9640

4 Pick up clearance packet from the Kadena Housing Office, and bring to Robinson Housing to receive a “Han stamp” on the “Notification of Intent Vacate Private Rental” page.

Please call Robinson Housing office before you come.

5 Move Out Inspection takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer depending on the size of the property. If you have items or trash in the house, we would have to reschedule the inspection.

Prior to the inspection,

 ┗ Please remove all the nails/pins on the wall/ceiling.

 ┗ If you have yard or grass growing around the house, please cut the grass.

 ┗ Replace dead lightbulbs and batteries. Don’t forget to check the lights in the porch and balcony.

*It will take 3 – 7 days for us to receive all unpaid/final bills and damage repair estimate. We will deduct all final bills from the security deposit and return the remaining balance.

*It may take longer depending on the damages.

6 Stop by Robinson Housing office to receive your security deposit (it will be in YEN). Make sure to bring the clearance packet and receive our “Han-stamp” on the last page, “Lessor’s Statement for Off-Base Rental Clearance”. Please take it to the Kadena Housing Office after.

Final Clearance

Cleaning company will clean your house/apartment after you move out. We ask that you sweep the floor, so the inspector can check for floor damages.

*Cleaning fee is listed on our lease.

*There will be additional cleaning fees if the property is excessively dirty (i.e. pet waste, heavy grease in the kitchen, heavy mold in the bathroom, grass is overgrown)


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