Typhoon preparation

*Typhoon season is between June 1st to November 30th.

We want you to stay safe during the typhoon, so it’s important for you to prepare for it.

Here are the things you can do ;

★ Have enough food and water ready for a couple of days, and also fill up the bath tub.

★ Remove / secure all of your outside items – including your satellite dish

★ Close all the windows and vents

★ Check the balcony drains – make sure the balcony and the drains are clean so the drains won’t clog and cause water to come inside your apartment

★ Do not take the trash out if the typhoon comes on your trash pick up day – trash company may not run during the typhoon

★ If there is a leak from your A/C, do not use it, and unplug the cord

★ Move your furniture / appliances and any valuable items away from windows and doors in case of water leak – We suggest you placing old newspapers or towels below the windows and exterior doors.

★ Check your screen doors, put some tape on the tracks so they don’t move during the typhoon. (Do not forget to remove the tape after the typhoon is gone). Or take them out and put them inside if you can

★ Most important = STAY SAFE!

~If you do not have renter’s insurance, we highly suggest you buy a policy. The insurance held by the landlord does not cover tenant’s belongings

Many of our customers suggest USAA.

After the typhoon…

★ Don’t forget to let us know the damages from the typhoon. Please call us or e-mail us within 5 days! E-mails with pictures will help us explain to the owner and maintenance better, and they can fix the damages faster.

*They are going to fix the safety related maintenance first.

*If damages caused by tenant negligence, the tenant will be charged for the cost of repair.

★ Clean the outside of your house / apartment. Rinse air conditioner outside units to keep from rusting.

For power outage, the electric company will start working on fixing the broken power lines as soon as it is safe for their staff to be outside to fix the problems. If your power is out, then it is likely that ours is as well and we cannot call the electric company. If you are the only one without power in your neighborhood, check your circuit breaker to make sure they are on, then call us.

If you are not on island, please make sure to have your house sitter check your apartment / house. If you do not have anybody watching your place, please let us know!


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